Friday, April 01, 2011

Super Moon March 19, 2011

I heard about the super moon the day before it was supposed to happen so I was really looking forward to going out and getting some shots. I had two photo sessions that day and the entire day was cloudy which was perfect for my sessions but I was worried the clouds would block the moon!

I was so lucky it cleared up! These were taken from the House of the Seven Gables property as the moon rose over Marblehead.
March 19 super moon rising over Marblehead (2 of 34)

IMG_5941 (3 of 34)

IMG_5958 (4 of 34)

That was it. After that the clouds covered the moon! I was lucky to get what I got.

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K J and the kids said...

Those are BAD ASS !
I know..super classy of me..but I just couldn't really describe it any other way.
VERY cool !