Friday, April 01, 2011

Minnie Mouse, Gigi's birthday party, and random pictures

Last weekend Minnie Mouse was at the Burlington Mall for a promotional appearance. Auntie Courtney, Auntie Kristen and Nana were taking Alyssa and Sophia so we met them there. We got there just as they were getting to the end of the line. I felt bad cutting in the line like that but we didn't take any extra time as all four of them went to see her at once.

In this first picture they were next in line. Maddie and Jackson were so excited but Alyssa was so sad that she couldn't go right up to her and was being made to wait.
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They were in absolute awe of her. Alyssa didn't want to turn around to have her picture taken. She just wanted to look at her!
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Minnie kissed Maddie and Jackson on the head and they thought that was the coolest thing!
Look at how he's looking at her! So cute!
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Right from there we went to Gigi's birthday party. We were only able to stay for an hour and a half which was a huge bummer. They really didn't want to leave but Chris and I had our first Revolution game of the season that evening.
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Gigi totally cried when we sang to her. Poor kiddo!
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She recovered quickly though :-)
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More random pictures of M&J. They took these of each other!
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