Monday, January 12, 2009

Kyle's 3rd birthday

My friend Brenda's baby turned 3.  The party was at an indoor play place that we've been to for a few other parties in the past.  Madison and Jackson had a great time.

They both were able to get up the ladder/stairs on the inside of this bouncy house in order to go down the slide on their own.  That was great for us!  We just stood there as they went up and down over and over again.

The birthday boy in the middle with his older brother and cousin.


This was a new toy at the place.  It was springy so they bounced up and down and cracked up.  I love how you can see Maddie's pig tails in the air.

Jackson did have quite the meltdown when it was time to go.  It wasn't pretty.  He was "that kid".  They slept on the way home (45 minutes) but then wouldn't take a nap once we got home.

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