Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on Madison and other things

The last two days have back to "normal" for Maddie. No major meltdowns. Although the last two nights she's been up around 2 am. I've had to get her up but she goes right back down with no fuss.

My office is doing a biggest loser challenge. Since I weigh more than I did when I gave birth to twins I decided I had to join. It's just an initial weigh in, a middle weigh in, and the end to determine who lost the highest percentage. I'm really not good with changing my routine in any way meaning I'm incredibly lazy. So in order for me to make any kind of progress I'm taking baby steps. So far the only change I have made is adding exercise. I've been to the Y to work out every Monday Wednesday and Friday for the last 3 weeks. I started out on the elliptical only to realize that I would rather gouge out my eyeballs. So the last 4 visits I've been swimming. It's so much more enjoyable and the time goes so much faster.

So after the first week of elliptical I lost 4 pounds! After the second week of swimming I didn't lose anything. I'm going to continue with the swimming though and slowly start to change something else. I was thinking of adding an on demand workout at home on tuesday and thursday or attempting to tackle a diet change. The daunting thing about changing what I eat is that I really don't eat that badly. Yes I enjoy sugar but I really do make good choices. I don't drink soda or juice (well, if I'm out I might). I don't eat white bread. I hardly ever have pasta or white rice. So aside from maybe eating more vegetables I'm not really sure that I can do anything significant enough to make a difference. So exercise more looks like the best option at this point.

I've been fitting my visit to the gym in on my way to work. It's been making me late for work but other than paying for daycare at the Y it's really my only option. I do want to bring them with me occasionally because I think it would be good for them to be in that environment for a little while. The rate is only $3.50/hr but multiply that by 2 and on a consistent basis it would add up to an extra bill every month that we just don't need.

The wrangler is still at the shop being fixed. I swear my mechanic is the slowest person on the planet. We really like him though so we keep going back. I dropped the car off last Thursday to have a brake line replaced in hopes of having it back on Friday. As of today (wednesday) I hadn't heard anything from him. I called for an update but he was WORKING ON MY CAR so he couldn't come to the phone. Seriously? Almost a week later there is still work to be done? I'm HOPING to get it back tomorrow.

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Wendy said...

Good luck on your biggest loser weight loss (I love that show! I find it so motivating).

I'm right there with you on the eating in thinking, "What the heck else do I need to do?" I'm trying smaller portions, adding fruit every day, and only one sweet bite a day. We'll see if it helps.

Anyway, good luck and keep us updated!