Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fiesta 2009

Fiesta was also last weekend. We spent Saturday and Sunday up at Mike and Kristen's house. Both days we attempted to go down and watch the greasy pole but there was absolutely no room for us to see out in the harbor. We ran into our cousins where we ended up standing around which was great. Perry kept Jackson and Madison entertained by waving a stuffed animal in their faces as they ran by her. They were so hysterically laughing that they were falling over. It looks like Jackson was pushing Madison below but he was just losing his balance from giddiness. She ended up with a pretty good scrape on her knee. Oh yeah and it was just coincidence that I snapped a picture at this very moment.

Once the greasy pole was over it was time to head over to the carnival area. Fried dough was in order and a couple of rides on the merry go round for Jackson. Madison only wanted to go on once. We also went on a ride that looked harmless enough. I thought it was like a mini pirate ship. Sadly I realized I was mistaken when the damn boat started SPINNING! I HATE SPINNY RIDES!!! I felt sick for the rest of the day it was AWFUL plus the fact that Madison was horrified by the ride and cried hysterically during the whole thing. I was holding her close to me but nothing I did was going to make her not scared anymore.

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