Friday, July 10, 2009

Inflatable ball house

Our friend Susan gave us this hand me down house quite a while ago. I wasn't quite sure where I would put it so it just kind of sat around in the box. Last weekend Chris was working on the patio and I really needed to start working on a project so I got out the house to entertain Madison and Jackson. It did it's job. They loved it!

This is what he was able to get done by Monday night. I ended up helping a little on Sunday afternoon. I brought him some pavers while he put them down and I swept sand into all of the cracks. We still need to spread more sand in the cracks and the wall is going to be one more course high. Of course it's already covered with tree crap.


Wendy and Karen said...

Wow! What a huge project. Way to go in getting so much done so soon.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

That is so cool. Are you going to have a fire pit out there?