Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackie and things

Yesterday Jackie came over to keep an eye on the kids so I could work on a project. Jackson absolutely adores her.
I took her senior portraits last week. Go check 'em out.
We're going to do more though because her mother didn't approve of the shirt she was wearing. Whatev. She looked amazing.

When we first took the kids outside I went out with them so I could show her what they like to do and to warn her about the momma bird. There she was squacking and diving at us. I went up the ladder to check on the nest and there was one bird in there. The poor thing got scared and tried to fly away! He ended up on the deck of the playhouse a couple of feet down from the nest. Momma was NOT happy. I felt so bad!! What if he wasn't ready to fly yet? Then he tried to fly again and ended up on the ground. He hopped into some plants and I never saw him again. The nest is now empty and the momma bird isn't around anymore.

Last night as we were going to bed at 1:30 Jackson woke up very upset. Chris went in to hold him but ended up bringing him to bed with us. He just doesn't learn. There is not enough room for all of us so anytime Jackson moves a muscle it wakes Chris up and then he gets mad. All the while I can't sleep at all. Eventually we all fell asleep but at 5:15 Jackson woke up and decided to call our names. "Mama? Mama. Da-ee? Da-ee." Then he stuck his finger up my nose. He loved the reaction of me flinching out of surprise so he giggled and kept trying to do it. Da-ee was not happy so he kicked us out as if it wasn't his idea to bring him to bed with us.
The first thing Jackson said when we got in the living room was "Jackie?"

Two nights in a row of 3 hours sleep. Not fun for me.

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

I love your new photography blog and you have some great shots on there. Some day I would love to come out there for a visit and have you take some shots of Teo and our family together. :)