Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nahant beach

We were actually able to go to the beach two weeks in a row! Of course this past week we weren't able to go on Tuesday but our rain date of Wednesday worked out great. It wasn't sunny at all but that makes it more comfortable anyway. My friend Danika was meeting a friend at Nahant beach that day so I joined them.



There was much fighting over beach toys. But then I taught the boys that you could bury each other in the sand. That was fun.
S was doing something I'm not sure what with the straw but I'm sure it was a very critical step in the burying process.


Brothers J and M.

Even Jackson loved to be buried.

Shortly after that they turned on me and buried me! Once we were sufficiently covered in sand from head to toe we all went down to the water to rinse off which we did but it was all for naught when we ended up having a mud fight and by we I mean all 5 kids and me. The moms were just laughing at me. I was running around like a maniac through the water and in the sand. The next day my calf and ankle muscles were completely locked up and hurt so bad!! I should have known better.

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