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2010 Boston Marathon

Since I didn't have to be at work at night I was able to spend more than race day at the Elite Athlete Village. This year the conference center guest rooms were totally full so they had to move some people to the Fairmont Copley. I was sharing a room with Eileen and we were some of the lucky ones that had a room there. This hotel is just so beautiful and filled with historic character.

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Sunday night before race day a group of us go out to dinner.
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After dinner we went back to our room to hang out. Our room had a window that went out to the roof of another part of the building. We thought we'd be sneaky and go out there then when the rest of the people came to the room they wouldn't know where we were. So we all crawl out the tiny opening in the window, snap some photos then realize that we had the room key out there with us. FAIL.
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Defeated, we all crawled back into the room.
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Bright and early on race day, this is my friend Chris who I just found out delivered her baby boy today!
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This is the volunteers lined up to send off the athletes from the conference center. Before they came down the stairs my dad walked through. He's a champ too. He's run Boston a few times along with a handful of other marathons.
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Out at the start line in Hopkinton I was snapping photos. The lady in blue was standing next to where they were going to block off the sidewalk for the elite athletes to walk through. She said "Is this where the elites are going to come through?" I said, "yes, you're in a great spot!" She said, "Good, my sister is one of them". When the athlete came through I just happened to look over and caught this moment. It totally chokes me up. I only wish I knew who the runner was!!
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There are always characters that run the race.
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After the runners were off all the volunteers hopped back on a bus back to Boston. At the finish line I inched my way up to where the official media were allowed. I had major equipment envy. I may or may not have been drooling.
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This is Lloyd who came to be a volunteer and help out with the athletes on race day. The girl that has done photo with me the last couple of years was not able to make it this year. Someone found out that Lloyd is a professional photographer and suggested he take her place. He was so excited. Luckily he had all of his equipment with him!
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My shot of the female winner.
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This lady was a very close second.
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My photo of the record breaking...make that smashing male finish.
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I LOVE this photo!!
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This year marked 25 years of John Hancock being the major sponsor of the race. The winners wreaths were made of gold this year.
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After our elite athletes all cross the finish line it's fun to hang out and get shots of the average people that finish. This group of men and women left the start line at 4:30 in the morning and alternated running and walking with full packs and all finished at pretty much the same time. The guy the announcer is talking to proposed to his girlfriend who was cheering him on on the route.
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This is Lloyd's wife who ran and long time volunteer Alfredo.
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These are sneakers each signed by the male and female winner. Tuesday morning they were both in our marathon office signing all kinds of paraphernalia.
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