Friday, May 28, 2010

Jackson rides a bike

Madison and Jackson have both mastered the balance bike. They whip around the driveway on it without touching the ground even turning corners. Since the one balance bike we have IS Maddie's she started to get possessive of it. I've been looking since last year for one for Jackson but just couldn't find one at a price I liked.
I'd always been thinking that I'd just buy a regular 12" bike and take the pedals off for him but he was always just a tad too short for it. I finally went and bought him one at walmart for $39 yesterday. I took the training wheels off as soon as we got home but had no luck getting the pedals off. It didn't matter because all I had to do was hold onto his neck, give him a push, and he was off riding the bike. He even turned corners without falling off. Today he got even better. I showed him that if he went to the top of the walkway he could get enough momentum to do it himself without my help. Crazy stuff.

After this video I took the kids over to the park next to us. I gave Jackson a push at the start of the park's path and he rode the entire path to the other side of the park. Probably 1/8 of a mile. Then he was riding around the basketball court. I'd give him a push and he'd go around in circles 5 or 6 times in a row. Then I told him that if he just pushed a little with his feet he could start to pedal on his own. So he did. He now proficiently rides a two wheel bike and never needed training wheels. I am so proud of him!!!


Shannon said...

What's amazing to me is that I remember so clearly seeing the video of Jackson learning to crawl. You tossed some car keys in front of him and he went for them. It's mind-blowing how fast time is going by! :)

Wendy and Karen said...

I am totally amazed! Kylie isn't remotely interested in her trike or a balance bike. And Jackson is riding a bike! OMG!! Amazing! Wonder Boy!

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Wow! That is awesome!!! He does SO good with no training wheels.