Thursday, May 06, 2010

Revs 2010

The MLS season is underway. We've had a few home games at Gillette already. A couple weeks ago our tickets were upgraded to a suite for some reason. We were up there with other season ticket holders so it must be something they do periodically. Since we weren't going to be confined to our seats we decided to bring the kids.
The suite was huge with plenty to eat and drink. We even got a visit from the mascot.





Maddie heard everyone cheer when the Revs scored a goal and she got very excited.

Most of the time they spent kicking around their soccer balls with this little boy. They were so good at sharing with him.

Then we got another surprise when the goalie (wasn't playing this game) came up for a visit.
We told Maddie to go up to him and give him her ball so he could sign it. That's her holding it up. He was busy with other people so she just patiently stood there holding the ball up.


They both ended up getting their balls signed. The whole night was very fun!

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