Friday, May 28, 2010

More random photos

This is our (Chris's) new car. With his new position at work he's on the road constantly. The 99 Wrangler just wasn't cutting it. As much as we both loved that car we had to say goodbye. This is our "new" 08 Jeep Liberty. I like it a lot and it will probably be mine within a year. My 2000 Grand Cherokee is showing its age. So Chris will get another new one and I'll get the Liberty.


The entire roof opens up so at least that is somewhat wrangler like.

More playing in the dirt. This keeps them occupied for so long. We've been thinking we need to get a sand box but I just know the minute we get one they won't use it.


Her dress was so dirty!!


Jackson hitting a golf ball. He's surprisingly good! He asks every day to go to the driving range. He ended up with a blister on his thumb so we had to take a break before we could go back.

Forget a mustache, this day she was wearing a mask!



For years after we bought this house (in 2000) I tried to plant poppies but they would never grow. I got so frustrated that I finally gave up. Out of nowhere this year I noticed poppies growing! There were only two but they were so beautiful! I hope they come back next year!

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Wendy and Karen said...

All these pictures are awesome. That one of Maddie standing by the swing is my favorite.

Congrats on the poppies.