Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A series of unfortunate events

Yesterday was not a good day...

The kids were outside playing and the cat was out too. She's not an
outdoor cat but she's really good and just wanders around our fenced
yard. I was in the front of the house weeding. After a few minutes I
realized it was real quiet. What I didn't know is that there is a hole
in the fence in the back of our house. The back of our house is only
two feet from the property line and fence. The cat went through it and
the kids followed. By the time I realized they weren't in the yard
anymore they were all the way down in my neighbors yard. I ran around
the side of the house to see where they were and maddie was up on
their above ground pool deck. Jackson was next to the pool playing
with the skimmer pole. My heart sunk and I ran as fast as I could down
our long driveway to get to the neighbors gate. At the end of the
driveway is a large tree with a fence running along next to it. There
was room in between the tree and the fence so I ran in between them.
Next thing I knew I was on the ground and my glasses were not on my
face. I didn't loose consciousness but I was pretty shaken. Turns out
there is a two by four brace between the tree and fence at my eye
level i was looking down at the ground because i was barefoot and
disnt want to step on anything. I was definitely more concerned about
the kids so I continued running into the neighbors yard. The kids were
fine so I sat down in a chair to catch my breath. There was no blood
but I wanted to get home. Of course they weren't cooperating with me.
Then I remembered that the cat was missing! I told them we needed to
find the kitty and that got them out of the yard. The cat was still in
the neighbors yard but I was able to get her to come to the fence and
I was able to pick her up. I went inside to put the cat in and check
out my head. everything looked fine so I went back out and continued
weeding while the kids played. After a while I started to feel
nauseous and dizzy. I called my dr and she said I should go to the er.
Ugh. I called my mom and she came up to take me and watch the kids. I
was feeling horrible. The dr at the er was pretty sure I didn't have a
concussion but since I was feeling so nauseous she thought I should
have a ct scan. She was right so I went home. All I wanted to do was
go to sleep. I got home around 4:30 and Chris came home early so my
mom could go to a wake that I was supposed to go to too. I went right
to sleep when I got home. I woke up around 9:30 feeling like I was
going to throw up. I ran to the bathroom where I got super hot and my
hands and feet started to seize up. This has happened before but it is
so painful and this time my mouth and face started to be numb and my
speech was effected. I was yelling at the top of my lungs the pain was
so bad and when my speech was slurred I screamed for Chris to call
911. Of course by the time they got to our house I was starting to get
feeling back. They stayed a while to determine if I had to go to the
hospital or not. Turns out they weren't worried so They left and i
went back to bed. Chris woke me up when he was leaving for work at
7:30. I still feel so nauseous and tired and now have a killer headache.


K J and the kids said...

That's so not cool ! I can't believe they didn't take you back in for another c scan. That's scary.
I hope everything is fine and that you are feeling better.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Whoa. I'm sorry. I hope it's nothing serious and you feel better in a few days. What a scary feeling when you don't know where there are. That's happened before to me when I thought Teo was playing in the house, and he had opened the door and gone outside. Luckily he had stayed in our front yard.

seattlegal said...

Yikes - how scary!!! First the kitty, then seeing the kids by the pool and then you. Hope you feel better soon!