Friday, May 28, 2010

Visit with great Gram and Gramp 2010

Last week we went to Turners Falls to visit with my mom's parents for the day. Now that I don't work at night we didn't have to be back for any specific time. It was nice to not be rushed.
We went to lunch at a cute restaurant where we randomly ran into my cousin's husband. It was so funny to see someone we know out there. Then we went to the same playground we went to last year so the kids could play and the adults could chat. After that it was time for ice cream followed by a visit to my dad's mother who lives around the corner.

I love this picture of Maddie. That's my Grandpa in the back.



Another day at home Maddie decided she was going to wear her crown. She even wore it out on some errands. While playing in the yard she started digging in the dirt with a shovel under her swings.


She got FILTHY! It looks like she has a mustache!


She was happy as a clam


Meanwhile Jackson was hamming it up for the camera...


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