Friday, October 07, 2011

August fun

This was taken by my aunt at my cousin's engagement party.  I was SHOCKED at how well it turned out!

One day Noah came over and his mom brought painting supplies.  She's much more brave than I am.  The only paint the kids have ever played with at home are the bingo dots and the following photos will give you a good idea of why.  HAHA.  It was actually really fun to let them go nuts and make a total mess.  Since they were on the patio I didn't mind.
There was no avoiding a bath after all that!
This was another day at Noah's house.  They ALWAYS dress up in his costumes when we go there.  Madison is always Tron, Jackson is always Batman and Noah is either ironman or darth vader.
This was Grandpa's 60th birthday.  60 sounds so old :-(  At least my parents don't act old.
This was another day with Noah at our house.  He slept over that night.  It was their first sleep over.  He started the night out sleeping on a bed I made in their room.  Jackson just couldn't settle down though so I had to move Noah out of the room.
One day I had a photo session in Wells, ME so my mom and the kids drove up with me and played on the beach while I did the session.  It worked out very well.
After the beach we went to York Animal Kingdom.  We just love it there.  $4.75 for unlimited rides??  You just can't beat that.
This is Jackson with Noah's baby sister, Honey.  He is seriously the baby whisperer.  He just can't get enough and they love him.  These are Honey's newborn photos I took of her in June.

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