Friday, October 07, 2011

Spring/Summer in iPhone photos

One day Maddie came up to me with a rock in her hand and said excitedly, "Mommy!  Look what I did!"  Yup, scratched the pain on my car.
One day we were in Boston and saw this street performer.  He was in high school and with absolutely no spring board, did a flip over all of these people.
Mother's day waiting for a seat at the diner
The diner had these flowers out for kids to give to their moms.  So sweet!
Blowing the train wistle
Nieces Sophie and Alyssa at one of Raffe's soccer games
Asleep on the way to a Revolution game
Driving go-carts on the way to the cape
First time in a batting cage
Jackson took this.  You can see him with the phone in the mirror
Noah and Jackson
You can't see the screen but this is where we watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.  We're totally not hockey fans but we were at a Revolution game that night and they kept us up to date on the score.  The revs game ended before the hockey game did so we went out to the courtyard of Gillette Stadium and watched the 3rd period.  Even though we're not fans it was a pretty memorable moment.
June 17th was our 10th wedding anniversary.  Chris did it up right.  He surprised me with a room at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.  
We went for a walk around the public garden after we checked in
Then we went back to get ready for dinner at Morton's.  We took a cab since it was a pretty far walk.  We got a stranger to take our picture which was nice
Morton's was unreal.  They had a special menu printed up just for us, they took our picture and printed it right out and gave it to us in a frame.  They were so attentive.  
After dinner we decided to start walking and see how far we could get before hailing a cab.  We walked REALLY far up to the state house then down through boston common and the public garden and back to the hotel
It was a really  nice walk and we really enjoyed ourselves

Fourth of July
Hanging out at Nana's riding his "new" hand me down bike. 
I love to see them play with my legos
This is 3 year old Max who is much bigger than 4 year old Jackson
Asleep again on the way to a Revs game wearing Raffe's mask
Raffe and Alyssa walking the boardwalk to Good Harbor Beach
Alyssa sleeping at the beach with her toy story toys
Another day at York Wild Animal Kingdom we were able to meet up with our friend S who happened to be vacationing there.  The funny thing is that Jackson is wearing S's old clothes (most of Jackson's clothes are hand me downs from S which is amazing!) and he showed up in new clothes that match him exactly.  We couldn't have planned that if we tried!  S's mom went to UMass (Amherst which is where these shirts are from) and so did my dad which is why I keep that stuff when she gives it to us.
Mini golfing at Richardsons
Nahant beach
Salem Willows
This day at Salem Willows we decided to explore the rocks near the beach.  They found this really cool little pool left over from high tide.  They were also doing a lot of climbing to the top of the rocks and all over.  I was sitting on the beach part watching them.  Jackson had climbed all the way to the top and was excitedly waving at me.  I was waving back when all of a sudden I saw him fall backwards!  I thought for sure he had fallen all the way down the back of the rocks.  I ran as fast as I possibly could, climbed up the rocks and found him stuck on his back a little ways down screaming.  I could tell it was a terrified cry mixed with a hurt cry.  I picked  him up and checked him all over.  He had scraped his back and when I asked him where it hurt he said, "my head!"  I felt his head and there was a huge lump on the back of it.  I was so upset.  I then had to somehow get Madison to come to me AND get my stuff that was back down on the beach.  He was hysterically crying the entire time so I couldn't just leave him alone.  Finally someone came up to ask me if I needed help.  She gathered my stuff for me and I was able to go down and get it.  I was able to find some ice (and popcorn) and he was just fine.
One day we were going to go see our cousin Jackie's college field hockey game in Cambridge.  I figured I'd make a day of it so we took the train out of Salem into Boston.  We walked around a little bit trying to figure out what to do.  Then I saw a duck boat!  I'd never been on a duck boat before and knew that's what I wanted to do with them!  We walked from North Station to the Museum of Science and bought tickets.  We got right on one which was great.  They had a great time even though they didn't care about what the tour guide was saying.  Once we went into the water the driver asked if anyone wanted to drive the boat.  Madison did!  So I sent her up there.  Jackson said he didn't...until he saw her up there then he wanted to go.  So they both got to drive the boat.  The driver took this picture with my phone.  There was a beaded seat cover behind him that oddly looks like earrings on Jackson.  He was wearing the drivers hat.
This day they were playing in their costumes.  I love how he was grabbing her hand and helping her up the slide.
During hurricane Irene, we lost a pretty large branch.  Jackson was trying to help clean it up.  HAHA
Madison and Jackson are taking a gymnastics class  at the Y in Marblehead with Noah.  I have other pictures to share later.

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