Saturday, October 08, 2011

September Fun

These pictures are completely out of order and there are way too many to fix it!

The kids started soccer.  They are still too young for our city youth league but we found a neighboring town that starts younger than 5 so we went there.  These are from the first day.  Their friend Isabella is also playing in the league but on the orange team
Jackson trying to get in there
Jackson getting his first goal ever!
His reaction to his goal
thumbs up to Daddy after the goal
The kids are also taking gymnastics with Noah.  It seems to be a great and serious program which is exactly what I was looking for.  I wasn't looking for play time.  I wanted to have them learning actual gymnastics.
These are two pictures of Madison's photo session with Berroco.  I blurred out the knit skirt.
They had their first day of school so I sent them off.  At 10:10 I was sitting at the library working when the school called.  It wasn't a full 3 hour day that day.  I was supposed to pick them up at 10.  Oops!
Jackson got a haircut.  I'm totally lost as to what to do with his hair.  Some people like it short, other people like it longer and I like it both ways so I just can't commit to any particular style.  As you can see in the above photos it was looking a little wild so I got him a medium short cut.
At one of Raffe's soccer games with Alyssa
The grandkids minus Nickolas
The baby grandkids
So on their first FULL day of school I took another picture of them.  Not sure which one to count.
I was really not planning on the kids doing dance this year.  I figured they'd try gymnastics this year then next year they could decide for themselves.  I was really kicking myself.  Isabella (and her sister who's in a younger class) was going to be taking a class at a school in Wakefield.  When her mom told me the price I couldn't pass it up.  I asked Jackson if he wanted to do it and he said "YES!!"  This is a tap and ballet class.  They were SOOOO excited to get tap shoes.  
These were taken through the window so they're not great
One day the decided to paint all over their bodies with the bingo dot paint.  They wanted to look like rudolph :-)
These are pictures from the day we went into Boston on the train to see cousin Jackie play field hockey
On the duck boat
After being 45 minutes late to the game we finally arrived.  Cousin Sophie was VERY excited to see them!
Going to hug Jackie after the game
At our annual Labor Day cookout at Stage Fort Park
My boy :-)

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