Thursday, October 06, 2011

More June fun

These are the professional pictures of the kids at the studio from last June

Madison and Noah enjoying a show after a swim.  It was so cute because Noah brought that bear for Madison to hold.  How sweet??

conked out on our bed one night

Another day of swimming at Noah's pool

One day we tried to drive up to Bradley Palmer State Park splash pool.  When we got there there was a sign at the road that said it was full.  We ended up at Salem Willows at Dead Horse Beach.  Jackson had fun climbing on the rocks.
While Madison collected shells

A bad thunder storm was on its way and we got stuck in quite the downpour with bad lightning.  I just pulled over and waited for it to pass.

One day we went to Gigi's house to play and her big sister Alex was there.  After playing at the house we went to the driving range and got ice cream and the kids ran around in the grass.  Madison fell and hurt herself so Alex carried her back to the car.  It was so cute.

These are their "birthday" pictures.  I forget what number month that was.

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