Friday, October 07, 2011

Teacher conference 10/2011

I know I'm in the middle of catching up but I wanted to write about this while it's fresh in my mind.  Chris and I met with M&J's teacher this morning.  We were so proud.  She couldn't say enough nice things about them.

She said that Madison is the most motivated and by far the smartest in the class.  She said that she already has the skills necessary to start kindergarten.  I welled up when I heard that.  I asked her if  this motivation is something that usually stays with a kid and she said yes.  I struggled so much with school and motivation complete through college so to hear that she won't (or most likely won't) have this struggle fills me with relief.  She said she has two friends that she plays with most.  Mai (we went to Mai's house once over the summer to play) and the other Madison (who also has a twin brother).

So they have sticker charts with 25 spots on them.  Madison was the second one to complete hers (on the same day as the first girl).  They get stickers for coloring a picture, or doing some sort of learning game/activity.  She now only has 3 more to go on her second!  The girl that finished her first on the same day as Maddie is already on her third.  I totally want her to beat her!  HAHA!  The day Madison finished hers Jackson cried because he hadn't finished his yet.  I told him I wanted to see his so the next day at school I went in with them.  He only needed 5 more and that afternoon he came home with his finished chart.  It's so funny to me what a motivation they are to them but I'm so proud.

Then their teacher went on to talk about Jackson.  She said he's right on track for his age and is a pleasure to have in class.  He's a social butterfly and plays with absolutely everybody.  He's honest, fair, and caring.  He IS in a love triangle though.  Oh my lord!  Shoot me now!  His girlfriend from last year, Sarah is still in his class and they still like each other but now Michaela likes him too.  Jackson is pretty oblivious and just hangs out with them both.  Sarah is wicked athletic with two brothers so they play soccer at recess every day.  Michaela HAS to sit next to him all the time in class.  But the teacher said that Michaela and Sarah don't like each other!! They even give each other dirty looks.  WOW!

I'm so proud of my kiddos!!!

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