Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Poor Jackson isn't getting much attention on the blog lately. He's just a 'normal' baby. So before I go on about Madison again I'll tell a little about how awesome baby Jackson is. He is such a sweet boy. My favorite thing to do with him is take a nap. He sleeps WAY longer if I'm there to hold him tight. The next best thing is if I wake up to find him just looking at me with his beautiful expressive eyes. Then I wonder how long he's been laying there so content to just look at me. I love to snuggle my face into his and sleep cheek to cheek.

Once he's up I will bring him to the living room and sit him on the floor. I'll go into the play room to grab a bin of toys. When I come back into the living room with the bin his eyes light up, he smiles so big, and flaps his arms around in excitement.

A bit about them both...When they sit in their high chairs they look at each other and laugh and smile. If Jackson is sitting on the floor and Madison gets too close he will reach out and GRAB her hair. She cries so hard. It's sad because he isn't being mean in any way...just thinks she's a toy. They both are pooping like champs now. Since the feeding of food has been going so well they poop in almost every diaper I change. And it smells SO bad!

OK, onto Madison. Her pulling up to standing has reached a whole new level. She has quickly learned that she needs to get down carefully so that she doesn't smash her head on the floor. One night last week my mom and I watched her go through the learning process in about 10 minutes. She got up and down probably 20-30 times each time with more ease and she got quicker and quicker each time. She now hardly falls down.

She also has been cruising the furniture which I didn't think to mention but I guess it's a pretty big milestone. She goes pretty far and sometimes from a tall toy to the chair that is next to it then to the other side of the chair (it's a big chair).

She now goes from crawling to sitting which before she would just get to her side. She's figured out how to get her foot out of the way and now can get to sitting. She's been sitting more often now. Since she skipped that before learning to crawl it's cute to see her just sitting there.

Last night she was playing with a tall box (who needs toys?). She was standing up on it and patting the top so I was drumming too. Jackson was sitting next to us so he was enjoying the noise too. They were both laughing. I decided to move the box away from her slowly and see what she did. She walked clear across the room while holding onto the box. Is that considered assisted walking? I don't even know. We have a walking toy but I think it would move too fast for her although I think she would learn VERY quickly how to keep up with it.

Looks like at least Madison will be walking in Auntie's wedding in June! So if just Madison can walk in June and Jackson learns to walk between June and September does that mean that only Madison can walk in Mike's wedding? ;-) (Auntie's rule is that if M&J aren't able to walk in her wedding in June that they aren't allowed to walk in Uncle Mike's wedding in September...ah, sibling glad I'm an only child :-) )


Wendy & Karen said...

Madison is so dang amazing!

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

I am telling you....girls are just so much smarter than boys. LOL!