Saturday, November 24, 2007


Madison looks like she's standing on my dad's head but she's not. She's in mid air. He has so much fun with them.

Madison has started crawling around while clutching a toy. She won't let go even as she pulls up to standing...or drinks a bottle.

I don't know how clear it is but this is Madison's first egg. She was pulling up on a bar stool and slipped and hit her head on the wooden bar that holds the legs together. She didn't cry any longer than when she bumps her head on the floor so we were shocked to see such a big egg.

Now, this is weird...shortly after Maddie got her bump we noticed that Jackson had a lump on his forehead on the opposite side. I swear to you he was sitting in one place playing with toys right in front of us the entire time before that. We couldn't have missed him hurting himself enough to cause a lump like he had.

We went up the street to visit our twin friends Aaron and Amelia who are 5 months older than M&J. They had awesome toys! Madison was in love with this rocking horse! I've never seen one for a baby before!


Eva said...

They are so sweet! Because they're younger than mine, I keep thinking of them as tiny infants, but they are getting so big and grown up looking!

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Avery tries to crawl with a toy too. She hasn't quite mastered it yet and she surely doesn't want to hold her own bottle. Madison is so smart!