Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hair cuts!

Chris and I had been talking lately how we really miss Maddie's curls all over her head.  It had gotten so long that just the bottom part was curly and the top part was flat (it's exactly like mine).  I figured if I had an inch taken off all the way around (so it remained layered like it grew in naturally) it would put some spring back in her curls.  I knew she would never sit still for me as she doesn't even let me brush her hair so my mom and I took them to a barber shop (I wasn't paying $25 for a kids hair cut at one of those kid places).  

From Kerry Lynn
All stretched out that's how long it was

From Kerry Lynn
Before.  Maddie wasn't about to sit in the chair by herself.  She cried immediately even though she had a lollipop.  So I had to sit in the chair and she sat on my lap.

From Kerry Lynn
After.  I told the guy to take an inch off and I shit you not he took off 5 inches and then didn't even layer it like I asked.  It looked like a total hack job!
So we took her back to my mom's and I layered it.  I so should have done it myself! 

From Kerry Lynn
After after.  It looks adorable like it used to but it's so much shorter than I intended (it's not as short as the above picture shows though).  Next time I'll do it myself.

While we were at the barber shop I wanted to see what they could do for Jackson.  His hair's always been the same length all over and I wanted to see what he would look like with an actual hair cut.  I was really worried about him sitting still.  I fully intended to have to sit with him in the chair while he screamed and cried.  The barber put these pillow things on the chair, picked Jackson up, put him on the pillow, put a cape around him and that kid didn't make a peep.  He wasn't scared or worried or anything that I thought he would be.  When he finished a lollipop he's say "Murh" and I'd get him another one.  He sat there like he's been going there every other Saturday for the past 30 years.  The barber was QUICK and did a fantastic job with Jackson's cut.

From Kerry Lynn

From Kerry Lynn


Wendy and Karen said...

Poor little Maddie. But it will be great to see her curls again. Jackson is a barber pro!

Maya said...

they looks so cute!!! I love it!!

Hey, on the positive side- at least maddies hair grows down- not out (like mine and Neve's hair!)

Courtney said...

Awwwww! They both look cute!

Sorry M's haircut didn't go well. We haven't gotten Bree's done. Z did much better when I cut his this last weekend. At the barber he FREAKED out!

Eva said...

You are braver than I am! They both look so cute.