Sunday, April 05, 2009


The other morning M&J were driving me nuts.  They must have been bored or something because all they wanted to do was have me hold both of them at the computer which really isn't possible.  Even sitting in the chair with both of them wasn't making them happy.  

Maddie had a good 30 minute tantrum over not being able to open the baby wipe container.

So I broke out the new playdough I bought.  Crafty things are so difficult for me with the two of them.  With crayons they want to take them all out and just walk around the house with them even though I tell them they have to stay in the kitchen.  When I physically make them stay in the kitchen they scream and cry.  So that's no fun and I have to put them away which makes them cry even more.  The same thing happened with the playdough.  It was fun for a little while until they wanted to wander around the house with it.  I didn't let them which just made them cry.  UGH!

Luckily Louise and the twins were on their way over so that was a great distraction for us.  I can't believe how big the babies are!  Louise said that Gavin was in the 90th percentile for weight!  I can't remember what she said about Gracie but I know it was bigger than M&J ever were.
Jackson was loving the babies.  He even held Gracie and was kissing her.

Look at that edible boy!!

Pretty Gracie

Gavin was sleeping in his car seat but I was impressed to get a picture of the three of them like this.  

The next day Maddie boycotted nap time in her crib so she slept with me in bed.  I woke up before she did and she looked to peaceful I had to take a picture.

Unfortunately the flash woke her up.


Lesley said...

We use crayons and play doh daily. They have their snack table where they are allowed to color, do play doh, and finger paint. If they take it elsewhere it gets put away. They learned real quick to keep it at the snack table. =) Now that it is nice we also do play doh, finger painting, and moon sand outside. MUCH less cleanup!

Wendy and Karen said...

Sorry the play-doh time was tough. But the pictures are wonderful. Good for you for grabbing the camera. I don't know about you but just being behind the camera on a hard day seems to make it slightly better.

Again, you have my total admiration that you have TWO toddlers going thru the two's together. You are awesome.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Yeah, I find the attention span thing hard. You take out an activity such as play-doh, and then it lasts about 10 mins. Then it's on to the next, usually messy, activity...

Stacie said...

I can't wait to get to the play-doh stage! The boys will still automatically put it in their mouths, so I am afraid to try it.

Why is it that I love the tantrum picture? Maybe because I am seeing that a lot at my house, too!