Saturday, April 25, 2009

Play date/high school reunion

Susan that lives in Chicago was in town last week for the first time since having her son in October.  We were all so excited to meet him!  Shari offered her house (which was PERFECT) for all of us to trash, I mean hang out at.  There were five of us moms that were able to make it and it was really great to see each other again.  The kids all got along really well too.

As usual, Susan's trip was too short. We probably won't see her again until this summer
for girls' weekend.

When I took the kids home Nana was waiting for them to take them to the cape to
visit Great Nana Fitz. They left Wednesday and just got back this morning (Saturday)!
Of course I missed them but I had a FABULOUS much needed two days to myself!

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