Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since the kids were born I haven't been able to do any yard work or plant any plants in the gardens.  Chris likes to pick on me for my gardening skills but really it just comes down to lack of time.  This year my plan is to really get my gardens looking good again.  I have lots of perennials which are great because they don't require much tending to but keeping up with the weeds can be difficult.
So, a couple weeks ago I saw these annual kits in the grocery store.  I got the two little pots for Madison and Jackson.  They even helped me put the dirt in and plant the marigold seeds that came with them. 

I know it seems silly but I'm just so amazed that once these seeds are in dirt they know to change and grow.  When the first sprouts started to come through I was so excited!!

I also bought a larger kit that had three different seeds.  The marigolds came through right away.  The verbena is just now starting to poke through.  I can't remember what the third seed was but it's not growing yet.

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