Thursday, April 09, 2009


Eileen's school had a story teller come last Saturday morning.  We brought the kids although I don't think they listened at ALL.  They just wanted to run around the church.  So we brought them outside on the playground.

edited to add:  While we were running around the church there was a little girl a little younger than M&J standing with her dad at the back of the aisle.  Jackson walked by her and she reached out and hugged him!  After a few hugs she took his hand and the two of them walked down the aisle holding hands!!  When they got to where the other kids were listening to the story teller they sat down together.  I thought she looked familiar and it turns out it's the same girl that he was flirting with the week before at the easter egg hunt...the one he would fall down on the ground for and she would run to him and pat his belly.  They were SO cute!!

Then they had ice cream for everyone inside!


Wendy and Karen said...

Oh, I'm loving that little boy haircut!

And Madison's hair looks like it has grown several inches already.

Great pictures of some happy kiddos.

Rhiann said...

Your Babies are so adorable!!!

Jackson looks like such a stud with his new haircut!!!!

And Madison, well, she's darling as always!

You have to tell me where she got that dress...Allura needs one!! :-)

Kerry Lynn said...

Rhiann, do you have a blog? I don't know how to get in touch with you.

Believe it or not her dress is Koala Kids brand from Babies R Us. It was a birthday gift from a friend.

Shannon said...

Oh Kerry, your tots are getting more gorgeous by the day! The first one of Maddie and the close-up of Jackson are my favorites!