Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting the marathon office

Wednesday my Mom and I took the kids into Boston to see our friends at the Elite Athlete Village.
This is Robert Cheruiyot. He is the youngest man to win 4 Boston Marathons. He played with the kids for a bit before heading out.
Don't worry, Maddie didn't leave him hanging...I just didn't click fast enough.

This is Yasmine. She's the daughter of another long time friend. She had a ball running around with M&J. She was doing some gymnastics on the floor and Jackson thought that was an invitation to wrestle. They were loving it!

All older kids that wrestle with him always comment on how surprised they are that he is so strong.  Yasmine was no exception and she has a younger brother the same age as Jackson.

This is in the athlete lounge where I literally saved Jackson's life for the first time that day.  The game mancala was out on one of the tables.  I knew it was there but Jackson got to it first.  He grabbed two marbles.  Once he saw me coming at him he knew I was going to take them away so he freaked and put them in his mouth.  Once I grabbed him he flung himself on the ground which of course logged one of the marbles in his wind pipe.  I whisked him up to hit his back but I don't think I did it hard enough and I just wanted it out so I swept my finger in there and got it out.  That'll get your adrenaline going!

Then it was time to go to the dining room for lunch.  

Serious camera/lens envy

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