Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Revs!

This year Chris made it a priority to buy season tickets to the New England Revolution.  We went to a few games last year and really liked it.

The first game was last Saturday and it was COLD.  Actually the temp probably wasn't that bad but the wind was howling.  Luckily where our seats were the wind was blocked.

Our seats are in the "Fort" section.  It says no profanity but basically the ONLY words spoken are profane.  The chanting and singing was certainly not for children's ears.  

We were the first ones in the gate so we had our choice of seats in the Fort.  It is general admission so we went right down to the front row!

The Fort is filled with hard core fans.  We call this guy "Nacho".  We were cracking ourselves up.  I think we could see his nucleus.

Chris getting a fist bump from the mascot. 

At the beginning of the game fans throw streamers and when they score a goal.  And there are Minutemen that shoot their guns after they score a goal.

So we were sitting in the first row.  There was a couple behind us that the man had a broken leg.  Since it's a standing section (as the sign clearly states) we were standing.  They actually asked us to sit down!  We were annoyed but obviously felt bad for the guy.  We offered to switch seats with them.  Then when we stood up in those seats the people in back of us asked if we would mind sitting down!  WTF??  If you don't want to stand don't sit in the STANDING section!!  Admittedly I couldn't stand the whole time but I wouldn't ever dream of asking the person in front of me to sit down!
Then during the second half a shot was taken which went right over the net and directly into Chris's hands!  The balls are over one hundred dollars each so he had to give it back.  But everyone was cheering him.
The next game isn't until May 3rd.  Hopefully it's a little warmer by then!!

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