Saturday, May 23, 2009

Auntie Kristen's baby shower

My mom was nice enough to let us use her house for Kristen's shower.  She really has the perfect room.  My mom and dad worked really hard getting the house all nice for the guests.  
Eileen, Bruce and I went over the night before (I didn't have to work that night) to move the furniture around and set up all we could.  Chris came over later with the kids and we all had dinner together.

Testing out the lighting in the mom to be's chair.  Maddie was a good model.

This was before most of the guests got there...

The shower wasn't a surprise so Kristen and her mother came along with the rest of the guests.

We had tons of chinese food for lunch and it was SO good.
Maddie was pretty shy with all the people around so all she wanted was for me to hold her.  Luckily my dad was around and helped distract her.  By the time it was time to open presents she was the life of the party making everyone laugh with her cute antics.  Of course she wanted to help open presents.

Kristen is having a scheduled c-section on July 23.  I can't wait to meet my first niece!  I think Raffe is in for a big loud surprise when his sister arrives.

One more baby shower next month to celebrate my second niece :-)

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