Monday, May 25, 2009

Look what we got!

I mentioned to my mom that I was looking for a second hand bike trailer on craigslist but hadn't had any luck.  She mentioned it to her friend who happened to see this one at a yard sale.  It looks like it was never even used!
I'm thinking of putting my double jogger away for the summer and just keep this one in the car since it can be used as a trailer or a stroller.  Now we need to get some bike helmets for them.  They're $40 in the store and times two, it's more than I paid for the trailer!  Again I tried craigslist but had no luck.  I think I found a seller on ebay for $16 each.  And they're PLAIN!  No spongebob or dora or elmo!

Our city has a new bike path and I can't wait to go try it out!

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Stacie said...

Awesome deal. We're looking for something similar but haven't had any luck yet.