Monday, May 11, 2009


Last weekend our cousin's son had his first communion so I went over to take some pictures.
All six if our cousins' kids (2 in one family and 4 in another) absolutely love the twins.  One of the houses is right across the street from the church so we went over there for a bit.  Their house has a slide in it that goes from one floor down to the playroom.  

This is the oldest girl.  She's taking guitar lessons and I was totally impressed with how good she was already.

Maddie LOVED playing the guitar (GOO-tar).

After I was done there I walked the kids to my parents' house where they got a ride in the tractor.  Chris was at his aunt's house two houses down helping finish up the kitchen so he met us there later to take us home.

Then Grandma and Grandpa broke out the "new" firetruck they got from a neighbor.  The thing is BEAT up but it works and the kids LOVE it.

Maddie was able to push the pedal and keep it there but didn't really get the steering thing.  Jackson could push the pedal but didn't get that he had to keep it down.

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