Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I just finished a major video project for a client which is why I have been absent.  I really haven't even taken many picture of the kids.  It's always nice to work on a project since I really love doing photo movies but they are SO time consuming.  

Last week was a miserable week here.  Madison had a fever most of the week for no apparent reason and was so awful to deal with that I almost cried on many occasions out of just not being able to deal with her anymore.  On Wednesday I said I couldn't take another day with her but I had no one to take her.  On Friday she was going SOMEWHERE or else I was going to have to check into a mental facility.  Luckily Auntie Kristen wasn't working that day and she was an absolute life saver to drive down from Gloucester to pick her up and bring her up there for the day.  Kristen said she was a peach and even took a nap in Raffe's room.  Jackson and I really enjoyed our nice peaceful day together so it turned out to be a good thing for all of us.  

They've still been pretty demanding this week but I'm sure I'm noticing it more because I was trying to work on the computer as much as I could to finish the project.  

There have been so many tidbits that I want to write about when they happen but I haven't had time to write so they slip from my memory.  
  • One day Jackson walked into their room.  A moment later I heard a thud but no crying.  I went in to check it out anyway to find him IN MADISON'S CRIB!!!!!!  He is such a monkey!  We do have a bench next to the cribs so he had climbed up there and hopped over the bar.  I took him out and I watched as he did it again.  I ran and got the video camera, took him out, and taped him doing it again.  The last time he kind of landed funny and cried.  He hasn't done it since.
  • Both kids have not been going down our slide.  Jackson stopped a while ago for some reason.  So now he climbs up the ladder and cries until I come and get him down.  That's tons of fun.  Madison will only go down the slide if Jackson is at the bottom and she can slide into him.
  • Jackson is talking a lot more lately.  He says "thank you" pretty clearly.  Today I heard him sing "happy birthday to you".  Just the first line but it was cute.  I can't think of any more now.
  • Madison is talking in complete sentences at this point.  "Jackson's got a rake".  She said it exactly like that too with the contraction and everything.  My mom and I were amazed.
  • A couple weeks ago when Nana brought them to the Cape she bought two books.  One is a "Cars" book with all the characters from the movie.  It's a really simple reading book so one page says "Red car", "Blue car", etc.  I'm not even kidding when I say she can read the entire book.  She says the right thing on every page without us saying a thing.  And it's not like we've read it over and over and over.  The first time I sat with her she did it.  Pray for scholarships for her!
  • Our Rec department has a tumbling class this summer that I am going to sign them up for.  I've been wanting to do something like this for so long but most places that do this sort of thing are way out of our budget.  This is $45 (x2) for 6 weeks.
  • I thought my chances of placing in the biggest loser challenge at work were pretty good.  I had lost 15 pounds.  Unfortunately on the day of the weigh in Aunt Flo was in town so I was only down 12 pounds which put me in 5th place rather than 3rd.  I was so bummed.  But we started another round that will run through Labor day so I'll be doing that one too.  I've GOT to get this weight off.  It's so embarrassing.
  • The kids are into laying down with blankets and pretending to sleep.  I always read about other kids that did this but I just couldn't imagine them doing it since they were so anti-laying down.  Jackson even makes a snoring noise on purpose.
Onto the pictures...

"Hmmm, should I go down the slide or not?"

We had a couple picnics on the lawn a couple weeks ago.  They thought it was so neat to sit on the blanket.  They even laid down.

Here are a few of the monkey in action

IN the umbrella stand

Standing ON the window sill

Walking along the BACK of the futon

We normally discourage this behavior but I had to get some photos of it.

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

Jackson looks cute in a hat. Teo does too but he absolutely refuses to keep them on - even when bribed with an M&M. He just takes it off after I give him the M&M. Little monkey...