Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Visit with Great Gram and Gramp

Last week my mom and I took our semi-annual trip to visit her parents.  Maddie was saying "geet gamma" "geet gampa"

We went down to the Connecticut River in downtown Turners Falls.  We found a perfect playground that had picnic tables.  The kids were able to play while my grandparents were able to relax at the table in the shade.

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Jackson actually climbed up this high all by himself.  MONKEY!
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I heart my rainbow shirt :-)
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We got sandwiches at a local restaurant and ate at the park.  After we left the park we went to get ice cream!  Madison sat on the top of the table and spun in a circle as she took bites from all of our cups.  After we dropped my grandparents off we were on our way out of town and saw a small farmers market.  We couldn't resist so we got out to check it out.  There were chickens there!  The kids got to pet chickens!!  There were big ones and baby ones that said peep peep.  M&J were loving them!  

Since I have to be at work at night it's a pretty quick visit.  3 hours of travel time really eats into a day.  It ends up being perfect though because the kids are ready for a perfect nap on the way home.


Eva said...

Totally love the pic of M at the top of slide. What a cutie!

Wendy and Karen said...

Oh I love these pictures!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Madison kills me in the little dress and jean jacket. She looks like a little doll!

Stacie said...

The pics of the two of them on the slide look like they're little models!