Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The money pit: Car edition

Once again a shocking estimate from the mechanic.  Last year we had an issue with our brake lights not turning off.  In order to avoid the battery from dying we had to pull the fuse to turn off the lights.  They were fixed although I don't remember exactly what the problem was.  Less than a year later the same issue popped up.  My inspection sticker was up and I knew I would need the brake lights taken care of before getting the sticker.  I dropped it off yesterday.  Today I found out that it will not pass inspection without getting the upper and lower ball joints replaced, an outer tie rod replaced as well as the entire exhaust system.  All to the tune of $1000 which includes "half price labor".  I swear every time I bring it there the bill is higher than the last time.  Luckily the brake light issue is covered by warranty so it will be fixed at no charge.

I guess this is what you get for driving a 9 year old car.  Things eventually need to be replaced.  But we also don't have a car payment on either of our cars and our excise tax is super cheap.  But I am once again without a car for a week (hopefully not more!!).  Visitors please!!

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