Friday, May 22, 2009


Chris found a flash card app for his iphone.  Maddie loves to sit with him and look at them.  She knows pretty much all of them.

I took Jackson for another haircut last week.  He didn't handle this one as well as the last one.  Look at that face!  He just breaks my heart.  I think if I hadn't been in the room he might have done ok.  

Chris's cousin Jackie (in the green) had her junior prom last weekend.  She goes to the same high school that Chris and I went to.  It was completely renovated shortly after we graduated but I haven't been in there in 18 years so it was pretty weird to be there.  Jackie looked amazing.

M&J riding the pink jeep.  I think they actually look alike in this picture!

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Stacie said...

Boy they grow so fast...already driving!