Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alyssa came for a visit

The other day Kristen came down to return something they had borrowed. Mike was a dork and told her she had to bring it down even though we were going to see them the next day. But anyway we had an nice time hanging out. My neighbor had come up to visit who's a few years older than Raffe so they had a great time together and Jackson was just following them around everywhere. Then they were all hitting each other with wiffle ball bats (in fun). Jackson was beating the crap out of them.

While they were here I wanted to get some new photos of Alyssa. Look at those blue eyes! At 9 weeks old she is already smiling and weighs almost 12 pounds!!!

IMG_2238 (12 of 30)

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This is Maddie's new trike but of course since it's new they are fighting over it. Jackson's trike is useless now.
IMG_2301 (1 of 30)

At one point Maddie fell down the porch stairs head first and got that little scrape on her nose. The large lump on her forehead is from a mosquito.
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These are my neighbor's flowers next to our driveway. This photo is straight out of the camera! No editing whatsoever.
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Wendy and Karen said...

I love that picture of Maddie holding the cup.