Monday, September 28, 2009

My wild children

I love it when they horse around with each other. The lovely sheets on the cribs are our last ditch effort to keep in their cribs. It's classy. You're jealous. Admit it.


Wendy and Karen said...

Kylie loves watching videos of your kiddos.

Your two are such good jumpers! Kylie is way to cautious to jump like that.

Kerry said...

Have you guys thought of crib tents to keep them in a bit longer?

Kerry Lynn said...

They are CRAZY jumpers! Yesterday they were jumping off a rock wall that was easily three feet tall. They are nuts. No fear in these guys.

The sheets are our makeshift crib tents. We didn't want to shell out $120 for TWO crib tents when we know we're not going to need them that long.

Keri said...

They are so big and so adorable! & I think the crib tents are genious!