Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random photos August 2009

In Aperture (photo software) I have my photos organized by subject. Obviously M&J have their own folder in each month. I usually base my posts on those photos but during the month I also have a folder named "random". I'm thinking I'll dedicate a post at the end of every month to talk about my random photos. Here's August.

The moon over Gillette during a Revolution game
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This is a wind turbine in Newburyport. I just don't understand why there aren't more of these. Free energy? What's the problem? I actually think they're pretty cool looking.
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One night I had gone to the House of the Seven Gables to try to get photos of the full moon with the house. I say try because I failed miserably. While I was there I saw this very nice cat playing with something. It was very dark so I couldn't see what it was until I took a picture with flash. It looks like a mutant moth! So gross!!! It was so big that its eyes had "red eye".
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On the way home from the Gables I stopped at the old jail that they are converting to residences. It's such a creepy place that must have such ghost stories that it's a stop on the Salem night walking tour. At this point in the renovation all the cells are still in tact.
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This was at the LA/Revs game right after Beckham scored a goal. I love the Revs player on the left. Not that I was happy that the Revs lost of course.
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Revs season tickets come with a lot of extras. This particular extra is the biggest and coolest. They had an event for season ticket holders only where they opened up Gillette for us. There were things going on all over the field and they had free food and drinks for us too! All of the players are there and they sit at tables so you can go meet them and take pictures and get autographs. We didn't feel the need to do that this year since the lines were so long. They also give a tour of the locker room. That was awesome! This is us with the Rev's trophies although I'm really not sure what they're for :-)
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This is the tunnel that they walk out to get to the field. I'm assuming the Patriots come out this way too.
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And this is what they walk under before going on the field.
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This is where our seats are although they look just like all the other seats.
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E, SS and the Little Man said...

I saw lots of those wind turbines on my drive through Oregon and Wyoming on the way to Colorado. They're pretty impressive, especially a whole field of them! There is also a new green building of condos in Portland that has a bunch of them on top. Awesome.