Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor day cookout 2009

Our annual labor day cookout in Gloucester was a lot of fun this year although I do remember having to take Maddie far away on a few different occasions because she was beside herself upset. She just wasn't in a good mood. I'm afraid the family was horrified by them and even worse Louise got a glimpse into her future :-)
All of the older cousins love M&J and I love to watch them interact.

How cute is this??
IMG_1368 (4 of 4)

IMG_1360 (3 of 4)

IMG_1363 (2 of 4)

Jackson's been doing this face lately when he sees my camera. I think he's worried about the flash even though I rarely use it.
IMG_1351 (1 of 4)

I was only there for a couple of hours most of which I spent calming Maddie down. I had to run to a photo session. I got back up there just in time to pack everyone up.

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