Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toddler beds

In the last three weeks Madison has been refusing to stay in her crib. She effortlessly climbs in and out. One night while I was at work Chris made the change. He took the side rail off of their cribs. They went to bed fine although Maddie got herself up at 6:30 (way earlier than her normal 8:00 waking). Nap time was a different story. It was a Saturday so Chris and I were both home dealing with it. For an hour and a half we consistently, quietly put them back in the bed. They didn't nap that day and Chris was so frustrated that he put the rails back up. That was a week ago. Since then they've been sleeping in their cribs at night but Jackson has also learned to easily get in and out of his crib so nap time hasn't happened. All week of no napping took their toll on by Friday. They fell asleep in the car on the way home at 7 pm. We were able to transfer them to their cribs which NEVER happens and they slept until 7 am. Saturday nap went well although I had to get Jackson down in my bed.
I just can't see them ever staying in a toddler bed unless they are strapped in! Although at this point they don't stay in their cribs either.

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Eva said...

Yikes, we still haven't made the switch for these very reasons.

Some people I know have tried having a very special object -- you can hold it in bed after lights out UNLESS you get out of bed, then you lose it. Not sure if there's an object that would work for you. I think Laura C had some kind of glowing doll or something. If you figure it out let me know because I'm very, very afraid!

zane said...

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