Sunday, September 27, 2009

New balance bike

A while ago a heard about balance bikes. I was so convinced that this method of learning to ride a bike is the best way that I wanted to run out and buy them.

For those that think I'm nuts read this...

"KinderBike is an innovative training and balance bike for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. It teaches young children the art of balance at a very young age and, in doing so, instills confidence through the development of critical motor skills. Since the trainers have no pedals or training wheels, children use their feet to push themselves around and glide. As a result, they learn balance quickly without the false sense of stability attributed to training wheels. Experts agree that training wheels hinder a child’s ability to learn balance. Rather, KinderBike adapted the popular training method prevalent in Europe, where the average age for learning to ride a bike is just 2 years of age!"

This is a video of a 23 month old riding one. You have to look at it.

Since the cheapest balance bike you can buy is $90 and we need two I turned to craigslist. I found one for now and went to pick it up on Friday.

So far they both love it and unfortunately fight over it.

IMG_2292 (3 of 30)

IMG_2322 (13 of 30)

They haven't quite realized that they can glide on it but I'm sure that just happens automatically.


Rhiann said...

I'm so excited that someone else I know purchased a balance bike!!!

I got Allura a Strider for her birthday and she started off super wobbly and going very slow.

It only took a week or two for her to "get it."

And now, two months later, she is racing down the sidewalk, raising her feet and loving bumps and hills!!!

And P.S. We got our Strider on Amazon for $60 with free shipping. You just have to look around a bit.

Wendy and Karen said...

Well now I want one for Kylie. She's really not interested in her trike-but she loves wearing her helmet.