Sunday, September 13, 2009


15 hour stay in the ER - $God only knows
4 liters of iv fluid and 2 doses of zofran - $God only knows
1 CT Scan of my brain - $God only knows
1 MRI to get a better look at a lesion found on the CT scan - $ridiculous amount I'm sure
Finding out the lesion is "nothing" - priceless

So last Wednesday I felt like crap all day. I had a horrible headache and felt nauseous ALL day long. Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 3:30 am I woke up vomiting. This continued every 15 minutes until 7:30 when my mother was able to come up and get the kids. While she was there getting the kids ready to go I just couldn't take it anymore. I told her she needed to take me to the ER. On the way down 114 I threw up out the window all the way from my house to where you turn to get into the hospital (it's only about a half mile but still). I'm sure I was the talk of the water cooler of all the people who saw me spewing yellow bile all over the side of my mother's car and onto the road. Every time I would throw up Jackson would hysterically laugh at the noise I was making. All I wanted to do was laugh along with him but he was actually making me throw up more. My mother told me later that she had to cover her mouth because she was laughing so hard at Jackson laughing.
After getting admitted they brought me right to a room. On the fourth attempt at an IV they finally had success. The Doctor came in to see me right as I started to vomit again. He ordered zofran and fluids. As the zofran was being given I was on the verge of throwing up again but it must have kicked in just in time. I fell asleep for a couple of hours. After I woke up around 11:30 I definitely felt better but I still had the bad headache that I had the day before and felt dizzy and still a little nauseous. More zofran and another liter of fluids were ordered. Chris came in to see me at 12:30 and we played Life on his iphone.
After he left they gave me the second dose of zofran and I slept for an hour or so. When I woke up my headache was still really bad so the Doctor ordered a CT scan. At 4:30 I was back in my room and the doctor said he thought the scan looked fine. At 4:50 he came back and said the the radiologist looked at the scan and saw a lesion on my brain and wanted to get a better look with an MRI to make sure it wasn't a tumor.
My mom left Madison and Jackson at her house with my dad so she could come up and wait with me. Chris also came over after work. So from 5:30-9 I got to listen to a republican and a democrat argue about healthcare reform. UGH! Thank god for the zofran!
At 9 I had a 40 minute MRI. They definitely made it out to be scarier than it was. I just had to lay on a table with my head in a tube. They even had headphones with XM radio for me to listen to. At around 10:00 the Doctor came in to say that the radiologist didn't think it was a tumor or even anything that would be causing headaches and nausea. Supposedly a neurologist was going to look at the MRI on Friday afternoon and call me if it was anything to worry about. I never heard anything so I'm assuming I'm ok?
The kids ended up staying at my parents Thursday night and I got to sleep in until noon on Friday!!! I felt completely fine when I got up besides every single muscle in my body being sore from all the vomiting.

So how was your week?


Stacie said...

You poor thing! That sounds like a horrible experience. I am so glad you are feeling better.

I am with you that if you didn't hear anything, then all must be okay. But, a follow-up call on Monday would put your mind at ease. (neurologists definitely have their own sense of time in my experience)

Wendy and Karen said...

Well Good God!!!!

Makes me want to rush over and take care of you.

Keep us updated please.

Eva said...

What a stressful experience, I'm so sorry! I hope you're feeling better now and that you are getting some time to rest.

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

I just can't believe your experience!! AWFUL!