Saturday, September 26, 2009

Apple picking at Brooksby

My mom and I took the kids to Brooksby the other day. It was nice because we were pretty much the only people there although it was really hot!

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Sampling the apples
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They just can't resist a motor vehicle of any type
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My mom and I were sweaty messes since it was so hot and we were carrying them at times because they were so whiney and didn't want to walk. Next time I'll bring the stroller.

Oddly enough the highlight of the day was playing in the crosswalk. For some reason when we were crossing the street (and by street I mean a driveway and the crosswalk was at a right angle bend in the road so any cars that did go by were going very slow) to go back to the parking lot Jackson decided to flop around in the painted area. Since there were no cars at all we decided to let them play. It was actually a good lesson because we told them they had to watch for cars and they really understood and would yell "CAR!!!" when one was about a mile away and they would run to the side. Then they would wave and say Hi. After it passed they would look to see if another car was coming and if it was clear they would run back in.

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Their cheeks were all red from the activity and the heat.
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Weeze said...

OMG, does she get any cuter wearing those ugg boots???
what a little fashionista:)
love em both!

Wendy and Karen said...

I agree! All I could see on this post were those fabulous boots. She looks amazing in them!