Monday, September 14, 2009

My cousin's wedding

(I really can't believe how far behind I am on this blog. I haven't even posted M&J's monthly pictures from August and now their monthly pictures from September are in just a few days.)

On August 29th Chris and I left the kids with his parents and drove down to Hartford for my cousin Mike's wedding. His new wife Marilyn is literally perfect in every way and we are so happy that Mike found her.
Although I am not a wedding photographer I absolutely love them and I love to take pictures when I'm a guest.

I know my family has been waiting for these!!

Their first dance was awesome. The dance lessons really paid off.

IMG_0868 (3 of 8)

IMG_0871 (4 of 8)

Dance with Dad
IMG_0886 (5 of 8)

I love this picture. This is my father and my oldest cousin. She was at my parents' wedding in 1972 as a little girl and there is a picture of the two of them dancing. So cute!
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Here are the rest of them in a slideshow


Wendy and Karen said...

Such beautiful photography. They were lucky to have you as their photographer.

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh no! I wasn't their photographer! I was just pretending.