Friday, September 17, 2010

Fair photos

You have no idea the drama that went into entering these photos. The trips back and forth to the store were awful. The frames you see below were my THIRD attempt at framing. I won't bore you all the details but it was a nightmare to find frames that fit into the size limit for the competition. If they didn't need to have a mat it would have been so much easier. My first attempts were too large, my second attempts had springy things on the back that they wouldn't accept so I had to scramble to reframe them again. All this made me second guess my black and white picture choice so I chose a different one and had them both reprinted in smaller sizes so I could freely frame them and not worry about them being too big overall.

While on display at the fair they are up for sale so it would be extra cool if someone bought them! What I entered this year is a different competition than I've done the past two years. This competition had so many entrants and the few photos I saw while I was dropping off were incredible so I'm not getting my hopes up for a ribbon this year.



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