Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kristin's house

Last Saturday we went to my friend Kristin's house in New Hampshire. They built their house in 2007 and this spring had a gorgeous in ground pool put in. Rachael and Brenda were there too. All the kids had a ball playing together and swimming! The water was SO warm.

Kristin was squishing Maddie.


All the kids minus Nichole who was away with her dad that weekend.

Not really sure how she managed to get ice cream in her eyelash!

Olivia missing her teeth!

Kristin's husband Marc has a harley. I've never been on a motorcycle but I've always wanted to ride one once just to see what it was like. He was thrilled to give me a ride and after I clarified that I meant on the bike he was happy to do that too.
I was really nervous at first. I felt like I was going to fall off. I just didn't feel secure. I was holding onto the back rest I was leaning against. I asked him if I could hold onto him and once I did that I felt SO much better. We just went cruising on back roads but at one point I peaked at the speedometer and we were going 50. I was giddy! When we got back Rachael wanted to go too.
When they got back the kids wanted to go :-) So he got out his three wheeler and gave them all turns riding.


Maddie was excited to go but Jackson didn't want to! But when Maddie drove by the driveway Jackson was there to wave to her.

Olivia and her daddy

The two red heads, Brenda and Maddie

We stayed until 9ish? I forget but it was late and the kids totally conked out on the hour ride home.


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