Friday, September 17, 2010

First ballet class

I finally picked a dance school to send Maddie to and she started yesterday. There was only one other girl in the class that was supposed to be there (the other girls in the photo are older and just there for fun). She was so excited to be there and immediately started dancing around while watching herself in the mirror.



Once the class started Jackson didn't want to leave. I asked the teacher if he could stay and she said sure. They both did amazing! They were so focused and energetic and did everything they were instructed. The only reason I didn't sign Jackson up for lessons too was simply because of money. I'm strapping myself enough to get Maddie in. I told my mom how much he enjoyed it and she said she'd pay for him!

I got all of Maddie's clothes at target because it's so much cheaper than a dance store but the slippers are horrible. they aren't leather and look like old lady slippers. They also kept slipping off her feet and she had to keep pulling them back on. Since they were only 4.99 I think I'll splurge on the $18 leather ones.

Across from the school is this antique-y junk store. We were parked right in front of it so on the way to the car Jackson says "him's not talking". I look and see this creepy fake person in a wheelchair. They ended up thinking he was funny and let me take their picture with him.




K J and the kids said...

LOVE the picture of her grinning in dance class.
And what a great picture and story for school. Love it.

Sara said...

So SWEET! Love the ballet gear on Maddie!

Wendy and Karen said...

I love the Maddie pictures too! So adorable! I hope both kiddos continue to like dance class.