Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stone Zoo

Last Friday we went to the zoo with Nana and Sophia. It was the last "free friday" of the summer and I wasn't too happy to find out that there ever were "free fridays" until the last one.


Out of nowhere Jackson decided to be a robot.

NOT a double stroller and I'm sure against all manufacturer recommendations but whatev. They're all still alive.

This monkey was just hanging like that watching everyone.


We had gone to the playground there too. Right away Maddie was hysterically crying saying that someone hit her. I figured a group of kids bumped into her or something. She went back to play and this time I watched her. Sure enough a boy about her age but MUCH bigger hauled off and hit her in the chest for absolutely no reason. I was FURIOUS! Eileen and I were trying to figure out who the boy belonged to because we saw him hit another kid and then ANOTHER. He was just walking by people and hitting them. Much later we saw him with someone that was probably his grandfather. We still don't know if the grandfather even knew what he had been doing.

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Weird. Teo just started doing "The robot" too (out of nowhere).