Friday, September 10, 2010


Chris was on vacation this week so one day we took the kids to Ipswich River Park where we knew there were bike paths for the kids to ride their bikes. We bought Maddie a pedal bike a few weeks ago and then were rained in for literally a week then just didn't get around to having her ride it. I really wanted to teach her that day. I held onto her neck like I did when I was teaching Jackson. It basically just gave her momentum and she was able to go on her own. Obviously at first she was very nervous and was very unsteady with the front wheel moving around a lot. She kept asking for the training wheels back on and I'd say "If you try it one more time I'll get the training wheels". She'd try one more time and she'd do better and I'd make a huge deal and you could tell she was so proud of herself cause she's have a huge smile on her face and we'd laugh. She asked for them a few times and was almost in tears but she totally got over it. Within 15 minutes she was riding great and even rode around a mile long circle path with me giving her a restart every once in a while but she rode the last 1/4 mile on one push. I was so proud of her!!
We stopped by Nana's house on the way home to show her. A neighbor was walking by and couldn't believe what she was seeing and asked how old she was.

Another day we went to another local playground. There aren't any bathrooms there so I had to take the kids to the woods to pee. Maddie's done this before so it was uneventful but Jackson has never stood up to pee before, nor has he ever gone anywhere but a potty or a diaper. I swear he thought I was leading him to a bathroom in the woods. He was so confused when I started taking his pants down. He did successfully pee but I almost fell over from laughing so hard when he exclaimed "It's like a sprinkler!!!"

We've been watching Kick Buttowski on Disney lately. They love it and so does Chris so he's been teaching them to do the hand gesture Kick does in the show.


Chris was telling Maddie that we were going to get ice cream on the way home.

We went back to the park again today after a lazy morning. We were going to attempt the beach but it was a little too chilly for that today. Jackson fell down and skinned his knee and wouldn't walk after that. We took a little trip to Target after the playground to get Maddie some stickers and a little notebook for her to put them in. Jackson didn't want stickers so he got a little car. We came home and hung out for a little while then my parents came to pick them up. We were going out to dinner with friends (I literally can't remember the last time we did that.) and we could have brought them but they are so badly behaved for us in restaurants. My parents go out to dinner every Friday night and I know they behave for them. So this way we all enjoyed ourselves. They're staying at my parents tonight so I'm actually going to get a full night's sleep AND get to sleep in. I feel like I won the lottery!

And with that I am officially caught up. Now I need to go catch up on my photo blog!

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