Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Meet the Revs

I talked last year about a special even that the Revolution put on for season ticket holders. They open up the stadium just for us and have all kind of different things to do. Last year we didn't take the kids because we went on the way back from Connecticut. We knew they would really enjoy it and couldn't wait to take them this year.

They got their faces painted...


Jackson got a chance to kick a ball into the goal. He's been waiting to do that all season!

We had a great free lunch, drinks, and cotton candy before heading back down to the field.

there were bouncy houses including this one that was an obstacle course.

Everyone was loving Maddie's skirt. They kept stopping and looking and saying "AWWW!"

These are the lines to get autographs from the players. We got a few and had the poster framed for Raffe. He has gone to a few games with Chris this year.

They were so cooperative with picture taking that day!


When we first got in the gate one of the "Revs Girls" (kind of like a cheer leader but they don't do any cheering or dancing)(pictured below) knelt down and put her arms out for Jackson to run to her. He had never seen her before but ran full speed into her arms. She thought he was the cutest thing and was so excited when we ran into her again later. He remembered her name and everything.

Again with a trophy that I know nothing about.

At the end of the day these players were making their way back across the field to the locker room. They were all commenting on how cute M&J were and waving at them.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Well you DO HAVE the CUTEST kids!